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Cape man’s book offers firsthand look at a Marine in Vietnam

The Cape Cod Times Veterans’ Day Edition 11/11/2017


“I was a marine with Charlie Co. I was in the firefight that Patrick describes on January 19, 1968. A day in my life I will never forget.”

“Somehow I survived my time in Nam. This book is a reminder to me of all my brothers that did not.  Patrick, I would like to thank you my friend for writing this book and sharing some of what happened so many years ago.”

“Succeeds in juxtaposing the implications of Vietnam War strategy with the experience and sacrifice of Marines on the DMZ.”

“There are many books that recount moving personal stories of wartime gallantry. There are also many books that have analyzed the Vietnam War strategy. This book succeeds brilliantly in juxtaposing both.”

“Spellbinding!! Absolutely riveting!! This book has its place with other great books about war from soldier’s perspective, Das Boot (Buchheim), All Quiet on the Western Front (Remarque).”

“The Cross of Gallantry is the best Vietnam novel since Fields of Fire.”

“As a Marine Corps Officer and Vietnam Combat Veteran – I highly recommend this book.  Those who’ve carried a rifle in combat will become part of the patrol as they read the book.”

“This book should be read in conjunction with H.R. McMaster’s Dereliction of Duty. What Mr. Blake describes is the awful price the grunts had to pay because Kennedy, Johnson, McNamara, and the Joint Chiefs committed us to a halfhearted war of attrition because of political considerations.  Well done Mr. Blake.”

“Amazing work from beginning to end. The descriptions are superb.”

“Mr. Blake wrote a first class war novel.  I’m looking forward to his next works!”

“The combat scenes are full of detail that transports you to the DMZ.  I would love to see this on the big screen…”

“As a former Marine, I am hopeful that our political leaders will read this book to gain insight and perspective, and to appreciate the gravity of committing men to combat.”

“Hello, my name is Brian and I was a combat Marine in I corps from 1968 to 1969. Thank you Patrick for helping me to remain proud of being a Marine but also to clarify some of my confused feelings.”

“Through Pat’s detailed accounts of the hell of war, I could, in some ways, experience why the words “semper fi” are so special to those who have served our country as marines.”

.”I highly recommend the Cross of Gallantry for those who desire to gain some understanding of what our U.S. combat forces in Vietnam experienced and its effect on them and us.”

“The work, when proposed as a writing project, would seem an impossible lift. Blake pulls it off with incredible deftness in a style that is at once personable and authoritative–he speaks from bitter and loving experience. The Cross of Gallantry is a riveting read.”

“Blake is a first-class spokesman for the uncommon, common Marine, among them. I found the detail of the training experience meticulous. The prospect of eventual battle service as Frank Obrien and his colleagues prepared to leave the US was rendered in a heartfelt and bittersweet manner.”

“The Cross of Gallantry is a must read.”

“Every Vietnam veteran should stand tall. Excerpts of the stories of Vietnam warriors should be studied at all Military Academies. Excellent read.”

“Outstanding read. I was so engrossed in the characters of Charlie Company I didn’t sleep at all on my redeye.”

“The book is realistic about the Marine Corps training and what we went through in Nam.”

“This book describes what combat troops deal with on a constant basis, hour to hour survival and looking out for your buddies around you. You feel the intense reality as Pat tells the story, reflecting his own experiences in Vietnam.”

“On balance compared to several other Vietnam works the Cross of Gallantry was a perfect story of a young man’s Human experience in life and war, the others I read were tilted more to the horror of war.”

“The Cross of Gallantry is one of the best “soldier’s perspective” books I’ve read. I highly recommend it.”

“The reality of war and the love of country is on full display in The Cross of Gallantry…”

“The book is a “must read” for anyone that wants to learn what it was like getting onto the Vietnam War, the hardships that the Warfighter puts up with, and that freedom come at a heavy price. The next time you see a Veteran, thank him/her for their service that gives us the liberties we enjoy.”

“Excellently written and a must read by all so they can understand and appreciate what some Americans sacrifice for their country.  I have bought 6 copies to pass out.”

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